They are different, dynamic, and loud! Their youthful team of literacy advocates are just we need: Modern day, can-do, technology-savvy activist and promoters using every tool in their reach to get the word out about the importance of reading, books, reading to children, and reading with children.

Traveling Stories is responding to modern living at that same that it is helping the neediest of young residents keep up with a world that sometimes moves too fast and forgets to include them. – Jose Cruz, CEO San Diego Council on Literacy

“By volunteering with Traveling Stories consistently, you see results. The relationships you make with the children and their parents is life changing! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?” – Kris Moberly, Co-Founder of the City Heights StoryTent

“The Traveling Stories/Book Tent was fantastic, and provided a place for my children to hang out and read while I shopped around.  I felt comfortable leaving them there for a short amount of time and was amazed at how excited they were about earning “book bucks.”  What an awesome venue for the kids.” – Jennifer Skonovd, Turlock Journal

“Thanks to you all. God bless you. Thank you for this program” – Rita Jameel Jalo, Mother at the El Cajon StoryTent

“My favorite thing about volunteering with @travelingstories tonight was watching older siblings teaching their younger siblings difficult words.  Helping kids learn to read is amazing-this was prob one of my fav #JLSD volunteer experiences yet! P.S. Funniest thing that happened tonight was a little kid waiting outside the bathroom for me so he could start reading again to me as soon as I walked out #pottybreaksarefortheweak #eatsleepreadrepeat #whyijlsd @juniorleaguesd” – Alanna Strei, Junior League of San Diego volunteer

“Thank you for your dedication to the San Diego community and for bringing books to those who might not otherwise have them.” ~ The women of Las Patronas, who selected Traveling Stories for a grant to purchase a van to take kids on field trips.

At the El Cajon StoryTent a mother stopped us and said how thankful she was for our reading program. Her family moved here as refugees from Iraq 3 months ago and she said her two young boys were so sad to leave all their friends and family behind. She said the first time she saw them happy in America was at our StoryTent!!

“Traveling Stories provides a fresh approach to promoting literacy,” said Edward Condon, Senior Director, Professional Development Services, at NHSA. “They’re experts at making reading fun!”

“Thanks for all the work you do for kids. My kids love going to “the reading” and obviously enjoy the prizes. I am not a reader but it makes it fun and easy for me to also enjoy it with my kids. I am not going to lie that thinking how many books my kids have read in their short life makes me sad, only because I have probably read a third of the books they have read.

So thanks. I am trying to make it into a habit for myself too. It has been really hard but knowledge is power and for my kids anything is worth it.” – Aril, Mother at the City Heights StoryTent