You Can Be An Author (or whatever you wish) At Any Age!

Books open doors for so many people, and encourage young minds that they can be whatever they want, no matter what age they are.

Just yesterday, it was announced that a story written by Queen Victoria when she was only 10 years old is going to be published for the first time.

A young princess with aspirations and a love for writing, Victoria wrote The Adventures of Alice Laselles, when she was just a small girl. Believed to have been written around 1829 or 1830, the story follows a young girl named Alice after she is sent away to boarding school. The tale builds when Alice is wrongly accused of allowing a cat into the school without permission.  Someone attaches a red ribbon to the cat with Alice’s name on it, and she is distraught at the allegation.  However, the true culprit is eventually revealed and Alice goes on to flourish at the school. According to the inscription written in the notebook containing the story, which has been kept in the royal archives at Windsor Castle, the story was Victoria’s first attempt at writing.

Queen Victoria’s love for writing grew over time, and she became not only known for having a reign that lasted 63 years and 7 months (the longest reign in British history), but is also know for being a best-selling author.

A true inspiration for children, showing them they can be whoever and whatever they want.

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