Christelle Jones, our Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator solicited artwork from Angelika, her aunt. And Angelika showered us with generosity. First, she gave us 2 of her photographs. And then came two original framed paintings.

We could not help ourselves but reach out to her for an artist spotlight for our blog. Here’s our interview with the lovely Angelika Drake:

Traveling Stories (TS): When did you know you wanted to be an artist and what inspired you to go in this direction?
Angelika Drake (AD): Art was in our blood. There was never a question about studying art or not, we just did it.

TS: Where did you study art and can you tell us a little about that season of your life?
My twin sister and I studied art at the Academy of Art in Florence Italy, we have a masters degree from there. We were in Florence from the age of 18 to 22.

TS: What is your primary inspiration behind the art you create?
I express my personal value system.

TS: Was there a time that you wished you had your camera to capture a specific moment through photography? Tell us about it.
When there are moments I wished I could have taken this scene I always think there might be a better one coming up.

TS: You’ve traveled throughout the world and had many adventures. Will you tell us about your favorite destination and why it has meaning for you?
After having traveled to 188 countries my favorite place to visit is still my little village in the Alps. St. Johann is engraved into my heart, it reflects the loving and meaningful upbringing. The mountains were our playground, freedom to explore was what my mother allowed us and we did it conquering the peaks at an early age. We were 5 children, had only a few toys, it was after world war 2. We did not miss the toys, we had nature to play with.

TS: You recently created a very inspirational and powerful book of photography. Can you tell us the name, where we can find it online, and the theme of the book?
My book is called “Awakening.” You can find it either on my website or on  AmazonAwakening is a visual exposition of humanity and it is about waking up and leaving ignorance behind.

Aren’t you absolutely in love with Angelika now? We know we are, and we aren’t just saying that because of her generosity. This woman has lived! We took a sneak peek into her book Awakening and it is filled with dreamy images inspiring the metaphysical thought. Each page can be the source of profound meditation.

We created a collage of her donated art. Get your tickets now to our anniversary event, and you may be the lucky bidder who will walk home with your own Angelika Drake under your arms.

Angelika Drake collage of art

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