Celebrate National Literacy Month with Woodstock’s Pizza

Traveling Stories has partnered with Woodstock’s Pizza to celebrate National Literacy Month this March.

For every purchase made, when mentioning Traveling Stories at checkout, Woodstock’s Pizza will donate 10% of its sale! This is huge! San Diego is known for being absolute pizza lovers (commonly well known fact about San Diego) and this is especially true of SDSU students and residents of PB.

Woodstock’s has two convenient locations:

Woodstock's Pizza PB

Pacific Beach

1221 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, CA 92109

Woodstock's Pizza SDSU Patio

SDSU Campus

6145 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115

Traveling Stories Is Excited About This Partnership

Not only are we excited about the amazing source of fundraising, but it allows us to extend our awareness on literacy right where the masses can be found — eating pizza.

We at Traveling Stories are very passionate by what we do. We love getting kids to fall in love with reading as we ourselves are all avid book readers.

Kids learn to read up to 3rd grade, and in 4th they read in order to learn. Reading is essential to learning, and it helps when kids have already fallen in love with reading. Learning almost becomes a game. Or at least less challenging. When kids love to read they want to learn, and when kids want to learn they have endless possibilities ahead of them.

Shocking Literacy Stats in America

  1. 80% of low-income kids are not proficient readers by the 4th grade
  2. 67% of ALL American kids are not proficient readers by the 4th grade
  3. Students who are not proficient readers are 13X more likely than their peers to not graduate from high school
  4. 3 million children drop out of high school on an annual basis
  5. 90% of all jobs on the labor market are not available to high school dropouts

*Stats provided by the NAACP

Help Raise Literacy Awareness and Funds for Reading Programs by Eating Pizza

It’s a win-win situation. Plus Woodstock’s has something for everyone, even gluten-free eaters: tasty and healthy!

All you have to do is mention Traveling Stories and Woodstock’s will handle the rest. And then you sit back, enjoy the amazing atmosphere, share stories with your friends about your favorite book and eat yummy pizza.

How Your Money Helps Fund Reading Programs

Our formula is simple: $5 pays for the reading program for one child for one month. Traveling Stories offers StoryTents throughout San Diego and we go where the kids are. Our main focus is with farmers’ markets to find reluctant readers. Kids sign-in with our iPad, then they choose a book, and read it aloud with a volunteer. For each book read, kids earn book bucks which they can redeem for cool prizes and toys.

Via this method, kids not only fall in love with reading, but build money management skills by negotiating the value of their chosen book, and saving enough book bucks to buy bigger ticketed items such as skateboards and BMX bikes!

Five dollars per month for a reading program is a huge savings as opposed to a personalized tutoring program! 100% of parents surveyed said our reading programs helped improved their children’s reading skills.

Celebrate Literacy

Again, we urge you to celebrate literacy with pizza throughout the month of March at Woodstock’s Pizza: tell them we sent you!

Would you like to join in the fun? Reach out to our team to see about joining our partnership program — we’d love to have you join the Traveling Stories Family of Partners!

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