And The 2018 Comic-Con® Winner Is… Veronica Nunez!

We interviewed this year’s Comic-Con sweepstakes winner so we could get a glimpse into who has won this much coveted prize. The cool part? Her life mission is tied to ours (in a way): getting people to fall in love with reading.

Q: Will this be your first San Diego Comic-Con?

A: This will be my fourth time attending San Diego Comic-Con, but I’ve come to San Diego during Comic-Con the years I haven’t had a badge to see the outside events.

Q:  What is your most interesting Comic-Con story?

A: I’m not sure it’s very interesting, but I was walking to the convention center on the Sunday morning, and I saw a table with a “Hannibal” backdrop outside the Tin Fish restaurant.  It happened that the creators and two cast members were going to be doing an autograph session a few hours later, so I stayed and got autographs and was able to chat with them.  

«Are you kidding me?»

Q: Did you meet anybody famous? And I’m assuming you’re talking about the TV series right? Go on… make us jealous!

A: It was the TV series Hannibal.  I’m a huge fan of Richard Armitage and I met him, had a chat with producer Bryan Fuller about Star Wars, and took a few pictures of them while they were signing.  We weren’t allowed to have pictures taken with them so that they could get through the line of people so I just took candid photos while they were signing and talking to others.

«What? And you didn’t send me any of those pics?»

Q: Anyways, since this is NOT your first Con, be honest… will you be dressed in cosplay?

A: I probably won’t have time to dress in cosplay, and it’s not something I really do.  I’ve done a “casual cosplay” in previous years, such as a Captain America inspired dress.

«OK, but I’m showing off the cute cosplay’ish picture you shared with me!»

stormtrooper sleeping bag costume

Q:Tell us a little about the costume you’re wearing – it looks cute! And where was that picture taken?

A:I’m wearing a Star Wars Stormtrooper sleeping bag actually.  It’s great because I can walk around in it (it has removable feet so I can wear regular shoes).  The photo was taken in front of the historic and famous TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood.  I participate in the Star Wars line up with to raise money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, and the theater allows us to hangout in their forecourt and sleep on the famous handprints!  We have fun choosing whose handprints we want to sleep on each night.  🙂

«OMG – That’s so awesome!»

Q: What are you most excited about and looking forward to about this year’s Comic-Con?

A: I really love seeing the amazing cosplays.

«I agree, that is a great part of Comic-Con, and some have such amazing costumes!»

Q: When we called you, you had to whisper because you were in a library? What a happy coincidence! Do you work in a library, if so what do you do?

A: I’m an acquisitions assistant for a research library in Los Angeles.

«This is when I nod and pretend to know what you’re talking about.»

Q: What does an acquisitions assistant do in a research library?

A: I process orders for books which we receive on Approval Plans (like a contract with parameters of the types of books we want), I’m in charge of opening and sorting the shipments of these books, and I receive and process serials (journals, magazines, etc.) as well.  I also process payments for various types of materials as well.

Q: Did you enter the sweeps specifically for attending Comic-Con or were you also interested in donating to Traveling Stories? If so, what compels you most to donate to TS?

A:  I had already planned on volunteering at San Diego Comic-Con this year (which I’ll still do at least one day so I don’t lose any preferred status for next year), and I’ve donated to last year’s San Diego Comic-Con sweepstakes as well.  I do love the work Traveling Stories does as I’m a big believer in the need for literacy, and I have a BA in English because of my love of reading.

So there you go. A little view into who the 2018 Ultimate Comic-Con® Experience winner is…

Thank you so much Veronica for your donation and your time in doing this fun interview with us. And to honor you, here’s a picture that shows off your beauty and not hidden in your amazeballs Stormtrooper sleeping bag. Which I had to Google and see how I could get one too. (Asking for a friend, of course!)



veronica nunez headshot