5 Ways to Fundraise Through Reading


Did you know that more than six million children in the United States will experience negative academic, personal, and social outcomes every year because of poor reading skills? At Traveling Stories, we believe that investing in children’s reading skills will have more impact on their future achievements in these [...]

5 Ways to Fundraise Through Reading2018-06-29T17:55:24-07:00

How to Kick Summer Slide’s Butt


Summer slide has met its match! Traveling Stories, will launch a Summer Reading Challenge on July 1st that invites kids to beat “Slideon” the evil summer slide villain who thrives when kids fall behind. Traveling Stories received support for the Reading Challenge from the San Diego Boys and Girls [...]

How to Kick Summer Slide’s Butt2018-01-26T04:50:43-08:00

Reading is my Super Power


Inspired by our partnership with IDW Publishing, one of the nation’s largest comic book publishers, we challenge kids to look at reading as a superpower.  Every child received a “reading is my superpower” bracelet to remind them daily of the power of the page! Photographer Andrew Flores sponsored a professional [...]

Reading is my Super Power2018-01-26T04:50:44-08:00