What Books Make You Up?

Every book lover knows the feeling – a part of our heart is stitched together with a string of books. The first book we fell in love with, the one that makes us cry every time we ready it, the book that we could recite backwards and forwards in our sleep, books that have in some way or another impacted us deeply.
I can tell you my “book thread” would be countless miles long. It would stretch through such books as Goodnight Moon, Piggie Pie, Water for Elephants, Looking for Alaska, I could go on for days (but I’ll stop myself). If you think about it, everyone’s “book thread” is as unique as say, a thumbprint.A fun, unique book art project for all ages would be to take the titles of the books that make you up (or passages from select books if you wish) and visually create your book thumbprint! This would make a great family craft to later display for all to see!If anyone makes their book thumbprint make sure to take pictures, share, and tag us in them!!