In 2017, the County of San Diego proclaimed February 25th as Traveling Stories Day! Traveling Stories is both delighted and honored to be able to celebrate this day for the third year in a row.

Celebrating by Donating

This year, to mark the momentous day, the Traveling Stories team will deliver brand new books to both the Polinsky Center and Rady Children’s Hospital! The books delivered to the Polinsky Center will allow foster children in San Diego the ability to proudly claim ownership of at least one book, and books dropped off at Rady Children’s Hospital will provide pages full of adventures for their long term patients.

Over the years, the Traveling Stories staff has experienced firsthand the incredible transformative power of reading as well as the comfort that can come from reading. This Traveling Stories Day we want to share that with kids in need across San Diego! Although a small gift, we hope it can be a powerful one that provides a positive impact. Our goal is to feed these young minds with imagination, something that can be a crucial key to surviving life’s most difficult challenges.

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Want to Celebrate with Traveling Stories?

If you love reading, then what better way to rejoice in your love of books than by celebrating the day with Traveling Stories.

Perhaps, like Traveling Stories, you would also like to celebrate by donating.

Donating just $10 provides the necessary funds for one-on-one literacy training to 2 children for an entire month! That’s over 12 hours of tutoring – FOR EACH CHILD – for only $10!

You can also help to raise awareness about Traveling Stories and the organization’s overall mission by posting and using the hashtag #TravelingStoriesDay all over social media!

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