Sometimes it takes a little motivation for young minds to realize just how fun reading can be!

Traveling Stories has selected what we think are three great tips to help motivate even the most reluctant of readers!

1. Let Children Pick Their Own Book

When parents or teachers pick a book for a child, it can seem like a chore to the child. Allowing them to pick their own book provides creative freedom. Children can choose something to read based on their own individual interest. If the book is about something they like or find exciting, they are much more likely to want to read.

 2. Set Goals and Provide Rewards

Set reading goals for your child or student that lead to rewards! For every two chapter books your child reads, maybe take them out for an ice cream or to dinner at their favorite restaurant, something to let them know that they worked hard and you are proud of them. Set class-room goals. Promise your students a pizza party if they cumulatively reach a set number of books by the end of the school year. Reading can be fun in more than one way!

 3. Play Games!

Make reading a game! No one said reading always had to be done in silence. Education World re-published BOOK IT!’s 25 creative ways to motivate young readers, which includes playing a game of “Musical Books.” Much like Musical Chairs, students move around a double-sided row of chairs while music plays. When the music stops, each child sits on a chair and takes the book placed underneath. They have until the music begins again to read as much as they can of the book, and so it continues. What an innovative idea!


These are just a few tips to help get parents and teachers started. Each child is different, and there are so many resources out in the world to help motivate reluctant readers. Try several methods, and find what works best for your young reader!



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