Traveling Stories November Volunteer of the Month

Each month Traveling Stories will be highlighting one of our incredible team members as the Volunteer of the Month!

For this post we wanted to introduce everyone to November’s Volunteer of the Month – Sam Pawlikowski!

Get to Know Sam!

Why did you decide to volunteer with Traveling Stories?
I decided to volunteer with Traveling Stories because I was feeling dissatisfied with the amount I was doing to help other people and giving back to the community. I wanted to commit myself to volunteering, and when researching different ideas, I came across Traveling Stories and was immediately on board with the mission, so decided to act on it and get involved as soon as possible.
Share with us a favorite memory you have with Traveling Stories.
There are so many to choose from! I think any time a returning child comes back and gravitates toward you to read with is always a great feeling. Seeing their satisfaction in their own progress is rewarding and a reminder of the reasons that bring volunteers there in the first place. I also had a fantastic time helping out at the annual Gala getting to know a lot of the people who help make it all happen.
What is your favorite children’s book and why? 
Anything by Dr. Seuss has to be considered (except for maybe ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ because of the amount of times I was asked the question as a child). His ability to make powerful themes and lessons so much fun was unmatched. But since you asked me to pick one, I’ll choose ‘The Butter Battle Book.’

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