The Importance of “Non-Reading” Books

All books should be considered important and valuable to your young reader’s journey towards falling in love with reading.   Even books generally classified as “non-reading” books can be largely beneficial in developing a number of skills.   The category of “non-reading” books is rather broad, but often includes activity [...]

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StoryTent Reminders

Traveling Stories’ StoryTent programs are designed to help young minds develop strong literacy skills and a love for reading at the same time! Children are able to come visit the StoryTent, pick out a book that peaks their interests, and then read it out loud to a volunteer! If a [...]

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!   Halloween night is upon us! What is that you say?….Trick-or-Treat? Well here you go! Our treat to you is TWO printable Halloween themed word searches! Have fun!         Stay Connected! Sign up for our Traveling Stories Newsletter! [...]

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Books for Kids – Understanding the Fight for Racial Equality

The beautiful thing about America is that the country as a whole is one giant melting pot. There are so many different races and ethnicities represented throughout the 50 states. We at Traveling Stories see roughly 15 different ethnic cultures present at our StoryTent programs! What is truly amazing is [...]

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Double the Donation!

Did you know that your donation to Traveling Stories could be doubled in an instant?! It's true!! Thanks to Double the Donation, your generous contribution to our literacy programs may be eligible to be matched by your employer! We know! Incredible right?? Here's how it works:   Many employers [...]

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Let’s play a book game!

This week we wanted to bring a little book related fun into everyones life! Below are 15 book titles as told by Emojis. Can you guess what each of the titles are? Sound off in the comments below or on our Facebook with your guesses! Make sure to check back on [...]

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Let’s Welcome Traveling Stories’ Newest Board Member!

Traveling Stories is always excited to gain a new team member! Today we are thrilled to introduce everyone to the newest Traveling Stories board member, Becky Nieman! Take a look at Becky's bio below, and get familiar with this incredible person. Becky Nieman is currently a faculty member [...]

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Tips to Encourage Reluctant Readers – Reading Incentive Charts

Traveling Stories is all about showing reluctant readers just how wonderful books truly can be! There are so many ways to encourage young minds to pick up a book and discover the magic that lives within. In the past we have highlighted methods such as: book tastings, playing book related [...]

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An Ode to Volunteers

Traveling Stories is fortunate enough to have many wonderful volunteers that choose to give their time to the young readers at our StoryTent programs. One such volunteer, Deb Nordlie - a retired English teacher of over 40 years, recently wrote a beautiful piece about her StoryTent experience, and we absolutely had [...]

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Happy National Read a Book Day!

Today is National Read a Book Day! Such a day provides the perfect excuse for every book lover to toss their worries aside and get lost in a great book! Although it is not exactly clear when National Read a Book Day originated, we can completely understand why it is [...]

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