Martin Luther King Jr. Day

On Monday January 21st, we will observe and remember a true hero - the great Martin Luther King Jr. During his lifetime, Martin Luther King Jr. fought for the many people he believed were being denied of their civil rights. King sought inspiration and guidance from both Christian [...]

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Charities for Kids in San Diego

MAKING A SELECTION Choosing which kids' charity to donate your time and money: what a conundrum. We often wonder what makes people choose one children's charity over another. Is it the mission, the people behind the organization, their financial status, or their actions and programs? We'll be looking into [...]

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Asking for Money

Embracing A Mission When you work for a nonprofit, it’s essential to embrace its mission. When I was hired to work at Traveling Stories, I fell head over heels in love with its mission to empower kids to outsmart poverty. This is a bold and powerful statement because of [...]

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#GivingTuesday is Here!

What Is #GivingTuesday? The first Tuesday following Thanksgiving, known as #GivingTuesday, is a global day of giving that bonds together both individuals and organizations for one common cause – to do good! Now in it’s SEVENTH YEAR, #GivingTuesday has empowered thousands of organizations in 150 different countries [...]

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Today’s Letter of the Day is G – For Gratitude and Giving!

Today’s Letter of the Day is the Letter G! To add to Sesame Street, G is for Gratitude and Giving – which just happens to be what we would like to talk about today! Gratitude gratŸiŸtude n. The quality of being thankful; readiness to [...]

Today’s Letter of the Day is G – For Gratitude and Giving!2018-11-22T00:06:14-07:00

VOTE! – Books to explain voting importance to your young reader!

Today marks the 2018 Midterm Elections! One of the most important acts that we as individuals can perform is the act of voting and exercising our right to have a say in the future of our country. Looking for a great way to explain the importance of voting to [...]

VOTE! – Books to explain voting importance to your young reader!2018-11-07T00:26:30-07:00

The Economics of Reading

#GivingTuesday kicks off Traveling Stories' 2018 Year-End Literacy Fundraising Campaign. Why is this important and why does it matter? According to the NAEP, 82% of low-income kids cannot read at grade level by the time they reach 4th grade. Reading is crucial at this point as from the 4th grade [...]

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