Traveling Stories October Volunteer of the Month

Each month Traveling Stories will be highlighting one of our incredible team members as the Volunteer of the Month!

For this post we wanted to introduce everyone to October’s Volunteer of the Month – Chantel Wolters!

Get to Know Chantel!

Why did you choose to volunteer with Traveling Stories?
After the first time volunteering at a tent, I fell in love with the whole program. I love what it represents and what it provides to the community!
Why is volunteering with Traveling Stories beneficial to the military?
A part of our jobs in the military is to be selfless and to give back to the community. Traveling Stories is a great way to achieve that part of our goal.
If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
My superpower would be to clone myself. I always find myself trying to do so many things at once. If I could clone myself that would be awesome.
What is your favorite children’s book? 
My favorite childhood book is any Berenstein Bears book. My ema (grandmother) and Da (grandfather) always used to read me those!

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