The Red Balloon Awards are fast approaching!

As the event takes place this year on August 12th, there are roughly only 136 days left until the extravaganza.

An inspirational dinner and awards gala, the Red Balloon Awards is designed to honor literacy heroes in the community, all while raising funds for Traveling Stories!

Now, what is a literacy hero you ask?

Well lets think about it together….Do you know someone who promotes reading and literacy in a meaningful way? Perhaps someone in your neighborhood, a local librarian, or a volunteer at your child’s school?

That person is a literacy hero!

There are so many traits a literacy hero can posses, but most commonly they exhibit one of the following:

  1. Helps make reading more visible in their community.
  1. Creates books & other reading material that captivate readers and inspire a love for reading.
  1. Reduces barriers that would prevent people from becoming confident readers.
  1. Supports existing literacy programs in sustainable, meaningful ways.
  1. Promotes reading on a large scale.

If you know someone that fits the description of a literacy hero, we want to hear about them!

Traveling Stories is now accepting nominations for literacy heroes! The winners will be honored and celebrated at the upcoming Red Balloon Awards gala.

It is extremely easy to nominate someone.

Visit the Red Balloon Awards page on our website, and scroll down until you see the “Nominate a literacy hero” headline.

Fill out the info, telling us who your nomination is and why you think they should win, then press submit!

We have already received several nominations so far! Perhaps you will find inspiration in these nominees and nominate a literacy hero of your own!

Current Nominees:

Valerie Hardie – Valerie has 22 years of literacy training under her belt, acting as the director the San Diego Public Library’s award winning adult literacy program READ/San Diego. She has played a crucial part in improving literacy within the city.

Thu Nguyen – Thu visits the City Heights StoryTent every Saturday morning. If she notices a lack of volunteers at the StoryTent, Thu does not hesitate to jump in and help out. Not only does she bring her daughter to the StoryTent, but her neighbor’s children as well. She believes that “When you help someone else you are really helping yourself.”

Prince Daniels Jr. – Prince shows that reading can be cool! He is both energetic and passionate about promoting reading. His book not only excites children about reading, but teaches mindfulness as well. He connects with reluctant readers, and uses his own personal experience to convey the importance of being able to read.

Izzy at the Imperial Beach StoryTent – Izzy started out as a reader at the Imperial Beach StoryTent. She progressed from learning to read, to writing her own book! Izzy even donated her book to the StoryTent. Talk about inspirational!

Robert Sabuda – Robert Sabuda creates artistic and attention grabbing pop-up books. His work has the ability to capture reluctant readers and transform they way these young minds view reading.

John Lewis – Congressman John Lewis is extremely passionate about the power of reading, and actively helps promote it. He assisted in writing a book called March, that has swept the country. Having grown up in segregation, he was not allowed to read in certain libraries. This did not stop him, but instead empowered him to fight for civil right and justice.

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