Mindfulness Workshop with Prince Daniels Jr.

By: Chase Manar-Spears

This past Saturday, we were honored to have Prince Daniels Jr. and friends at our El Cajon StoryTent reading to the kids and teaching a mindfulness workshop based on his book from the I’magine novel series. Daniels is a former NFL player for the Baltimore Ravens, as well as a fitness and mindfulness expert. After a career-ending injury, mindfulness and meditation helped save his life, which he now dedicates to teaching children worldwide the important practices of mindfulness. He does this through workshops like the one Traveling Stories hosted this past weekend, as well as through the creation and writing of his novel series based in mindfulness practices: I’magine. Children who attended also received a free signed copy of his latest book in the series.

As a nonprofit dedicated to the enlightenment and teaching of young minds, we were very excited to have our readers learn more about mindfulness. Studies have shown that mindfulness improves critical thinking and mood, and decreased mental distractions and stress. We believe the practice of this mindful habit can improve children’s reading capabilities along with many other skills in their life.


We were also able to interview Daniels after the workshop, during which we learned that mindfulness helped him mature organically and begin to understand life and how to deal with problems introspectively. He personally believes that it has helped him with his self-confidence, thinking, memory, communication, and confrontation of fears. He encourages parents of young readers to practice mindfulness with their kids often, as a free technique to remedy problems and achieve growth in their lives.

Thank you again to Prince Daniels Jr. as well as everyone who helped create and support this amazing event!


Contact information:

Prince Daniels Jr.’s website: http://www.princedanielsjr.com

Information on his book: http://www.theamazinglamp.com

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