Traveling Stories December Volunteer of the Month

Each month Traveling Stories will be highlighting one of our incredible team members as the Volunteer of the Month!

For this post we wanted to introduce everyone to December’s Volunteer of the Month – Matt Dowden!

Get to Know Matt!

Why did you choose to volunteer with Traveling Stories?
As a child I had a hard time reading. Even now my imagination runs wild. However, finding the right books has changed my life, and the Story Tent ignites this process, letting children explore what interests them, at their own pace, free of judgement. They tend to teach us as much as we teach them.
Tell us a little about your military background and why Traveling Stories is a great place to volunteer for military personnel.
I’m a Lieutenant in the Navy, and San Diego is my second duty station. Active duty are gone a lot, so knowing we can jump back in to volunteering any week that we’re home, really helps us feel connected to the local community.

Please share a favorite story you have about your time with Traveling Stories.

I read with a lot of bilingual children, who come to practice their English. Christian was super timid at first, but over 6 months, he’s become so happy and proud of his abilities. Recently he read a whole book to me, sounding out words he’s never used before. It’s been my favorite memory at the story tent.

What is your favorite children’s book? 
Hatchet by Gary Paulson.

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