The March For Education Justice and Why It Matters To You

By Chase Manar-Spears

This past Saturday, Traveling Stories endorsed the Alliance for Quality Education’s successful march for education justice! The Alliance for Quality Education was founded by parents of New York to call for quality education for their community. The march was a stand against President Trump and his secretary of education Betsy Devos’ attacks on public education. They are threatening to take billions of  dollars from public school systems in New York, and to further limitin the most vulnerable students when it comes to education injustice: minority, immigrant or refugee, and low-income students.

Traveling stories decided to endorse the march to show our support for the future  doctors, teachers, presidents, and literary heroes we see every week at our StoryTents as well as those across the nation. Because the march was on the east coast we couldn’t attend, but we were eager to extend that support. As an organization based in learning, we appreciate the marches in Buffalo, Kingston, New York City, Rochester, Schenectady, Syracuse, and Wyandanch as steps in the right direction for young readers. 

Please join us in educating ourselves as much as possible on the issues of literacy and public education in our country. Our support, involvement, mobilization, and unified demonstrations can and will make a change in the futures of our children 🙂

Contact information to get more involved:

Alliance for Quality Education NY’s website:

Hashtag for the march: #March4EducationNY

Statewide email:

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