We at traveling Stories have partnered up with Jess Moore from Let It Bee Books — a monthly subscription for romance readers and chick lit lovers. Jess has graciously accepted to donate a portion of each subscription to Traveling Stories. If you’ve not discovered the joy of her book boxes, do go check her out.

Each crate is curated just for you and goes way beyond books. It’s like a personal self-nurture kit that comes complete with mugs, cozy socks, candles, pens, etc. It’s so comforting!

We have interviewed Jess B Moore to give you an insight into who is behind Let It Bee Books.

cozy with a book and a cat

Traveling Stories (TS): What made you want to partner with Traveling Stories?
Jess Moore (JM): A couple of years ago a friend told me about children at her son’s elementary school who couldn’t afford books at the Book Fair, and how she ended up buying as many books as she could afford for these kids. I remember the Book Fair being my absolute favorite event at school! Although I grew up rather poor, I was always given enough money to buy one book. I still have those books on my shelves! They made a huge impact on me. I was excited to learn about Traveling Stories and partner up because I truly want all children to have access to books!

TS: When did you become an avid reader?
JM: I was lucky enough to grow up in a house with books, and with a mother who loved the library. We used to read together all the time, and The Borrowers will always be a favorite of mine because of the memories of alternating chapters with her through the series. Growing up, I borrowed a lot of books from the library and friends, and now I have to admit I have a huge book collection. Both of my children are readers, too.

TS: What was your favorite genre as a kid?
JM: As a kid, I loved books! I had a collection of Laura Ingalls Wilder books I read several times. I also got really into The Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High back then. I was big into classics and always trying to read them before I was ready, haha. In high school and college I read almost exclusively classics and worked at a book store to feed my reading appetite.

TS: Do you have any book recommendations for parents out there struggling to get their kids to love reading?
JM: When my kids were little I read a lot of Shel Silverstein out loud to them, as well as Dr. Seuss. Then The Magic Tree House; wow, they loved those books! I think the trick to getting kids to love reading is to read to them often, even after they’re older. I still read daily to my twelve-year-old, although he reads on his own all the time too. It fosters a love of books! I read all the Harry Potter books, the Percy Jackson books, Lord of the Rings, and many, many more to them when they were pretty young. They have since read all of them on their own. I have one reader who loves nonfiction and has a huge collection of reference books, while the other loves fantasy and stumps us to find one he hasn’t read yet. 

TS: Do you have a fond book memory or a time when you realized you loved to read? If so, can you tell us a little more about it?
JM: I have a copy of T. S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats that was a gift from one of my mom’s friends when I turned nine. I had just gotten my first pet cat, and this was such a unique and perfect gift for me. We read that book over and over again, finding it hilarious each time. Now I get to share that book with my kids, and let them in on the fun of it. There’s something about that worn copy with the kind birthday inscription in it that brings me such joy.  


Reading this interview gives such a warm rush of joy… Thank you so much to Jess for being a part of the Traveling Stories family!

You can find Jess and Let It Bee Books on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.


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