Alyssa’s Last Day

Dear Alyssa,

Today is your last day at Traveling Stories. We dedicate this blog to your hard work, dedication, and the significant contributions you’ve made to Traveling Stories.

Alyssa is smart, dedicated and passionate about inspiring a love for reading. Working with her since 2015 has been both a pleasure and an honor.

Even before she was a paid employee, Alyssa supported Traveling Stories. She attended our first major event, A Night Out So They Can Read, in 2014. She volunteered weekly at the El Cajon StoryTent, something she continued to do even after getting hired.

Then, in October 2015, Traveling Stories had grown and was looking for part time support in the office. Alyssa applied. I could barely believe our luck.

She became our first hire and has worked with passion and dedication since day one.

Alyssa has many strengths but I what I’ve appreciated the most is her ability to carve though the chaos and create processes and systems to make our operations more efficient and effective.

With humbleness, Alyssa provided critical administrative support that allowed us to grow exponentially and sustainably.

She embraced Traveling Stories’ vision and helped establish a stronger operational foundation so that we could handle unprecedented growth.

She was a valuable sounding board and contributed meaningful input. Plus, she makes the best goat cheese!

Alyssa is evidence that one person can have a huge impact on an organization. She’s left her mark and will not be forgotten. Traveling Stories will always be the better for the contributions she’s made.

We wish you the best in your next endeavors! Please don’t forget about us! 🙂

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