Valentine’s Day is this week!

This Thursday we celebrate that feel good day full of hearts, love, and kindness!

Perhaps you find yourself looking to add some (literary) spice to your Valentine’s Day. If so, we have the solution!

A Blind Date With A Book!

Over the last few year, book stores and libraries alike have started a new trend in the literary world. They are playing Cupid in an attempt to provide readers with their perfect match, perfect book match that is!

The “book blind date” is a rather ingenious idea. Wrapped in paper to hide the book’s true identity, with only a few vague word clues scrawled on the front, this is a fun and exciting way to mix things up.

Many Barnes and Noble location have been known to put “blind date books” on their shelves, but this is certainly an idea that can be implemented at home.

Fun For All Ages

Be the best wing-man you can be for everyone in your home, and help match them with their perfect book Valentine!

Wrap up a collection of books – new/old favorites/thrifty used finds – kids books/YA books/books for all ages – its your choice!

Next, put a few elusive details on the wrapping that briefly describes the book, enough to capture someone’s interest but not enough to give the book title away.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and dress up the blind dates – stickers, markers, hearts, glitter, cut outs of old Mystery Date characters – it is Valentine’s Day after all. Have fun with it!

Let everyone browse their potential “book matches” and then pick a date!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Traveling Stories!!

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