The holidays are upon us!

With that said, we have a unique way that you and your family can add books to the season!

The Book Advent Calendar

Many people count down to Christmas with the use of an Advent calendar, typically one filled with tiny chocolates hidden behind little doors. A tool to help build the holiday excitement, the calendar starts on December 1st and the last door is usually opened on Christmas Eve.

Well how about adding a new twist! Instead of eating a chocolate 24 days in a row, you could open a new book 24 days in a row!

They don’t have to be large novels, just something small for the family to enjoy together. You can often find some hidden book gems at second hand and thrift stores (help give a book a second life!). This project can easily be done on a budget. If you want, you could even wrap books that you already own that are holiday favorites. The idea is just to have fun, and enjoy a book together every night.

The instructions are simple:

1.    Wrap up 24 books. If you wish, label them 1 through 24.

2.    Each night, take turns opening a book. You can pick a book at random, or if you opted to number the books, follow in order.

3.    Read the book as a family each night!

Something similar can also be done for Hanukkah! It has become a tradition for people to give gifts during the eight days of Hanukkah.  What could be better than receiving a book each day!

(We know December and Hanukkah have already started, but it is still not too late to make a Book Advent Calendar or find books for the remaining days of Hanukkah!)

The holidays are about spending time with family, and books are a great gift to share and enjoy together!

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