1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Sometimes the Internet can be a wonderful rabbit hole of information. You never know what inspiring story you will stumble upon.

Buzzfeed recently published this incredible article about 4-year-old Daliyah Arana, who at her young age has already read over 1,000 books!

This impressive young lady, according to her parents, began reading before she was even 2. Daliyah read her first book, a picture book called Ann’s Big Muffin, just a month before she turned 3. Talk about an inspirational role model for young readers!

Due to little Daliyah’s extraordinary love for books, she has not only served as an honorary librarian at her local library, but also acted as the first ever Librarian for the Day at the Library of Congress!

In Buzzfeed’s article, Daliyah’s mother mentions having signed up the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Program in order to keep track of just how many books she read.

Naturally, we needed to learn more about this program. What we found was amazing!

The 1000 Books Foundation is actually a Nevada non-profit public charity that operates for literary and educational purposes. The goal of their 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Program is to promote reading to newborns, infants and toddlers, and encourages parent and child bonding through reading.

The Program is simple, but the benefits are substantial! The idea is to read at least 1,000 books with your child prior to them entering Kindergarten. Think about it, if you read one book a night to your child starting from the day they are born, you will have hit close to 2,000 books by the time they turn 5!

Parents are encouraged on the 1000 Books Foundation website to find a program in their area. By the looks of it, many libraries across the country have already joined in the movement, having created 1000 Books before Kindergarten Programs that reward children when they reach milestones.

I was encouraged to find that when I searched my state and town, the name of my local library was on the list for already having an existing program!

If you cannot find your local library’s name on the 1000 Books website’s list, fear not! The foundation provides printable instructions, reading log sheets, and a completion certificate for you to set up your own program at home!


There are so many studies that show reading to children at a young age greatly helps with early childhood development and increases the chance for future academic success.

It is programs like 1000 Books Before Kindergarten that will help to grow a world of readers!