Let It Bee… a Partnership!

We at traveling Stories have partnered up with Jess Moore from Let It Bee Books — a monthly subscription for romance readers and chick lit lovers. Jess has graciously accepted to donate a portion of each subscription to Traveling Stories. If you've not discovered the joy of her book [...]

Let It Bee… a Partnership!2019-05-07T15:34:10-07:00

Meet Landon Donovan!

MEET LANDON DONOVAN OF THE SAN DIEGO SOCKERS! “The Sockers share in Traveling Stories’ commitment increasing childhood literacy in San Diego,” said Craig Elsten, Chief Marketing Officer at the San Diego Sockers. ”We’re excited to partner with them in this effort both now and moving forward.”  To kick off [...]

Meet Landon Donovan!2019-03-27T11:11:34-07:00

Traveling Stories Day 2019

In 2017, the County of San Diego proclaimed February 25th as Traveling Stories Day! Traveling Stories is both delighted and honored to be able to celebrate this day for the third year in a row. Celebrating by Donating This year, to mark the momentous day, the Traveling Stories team [...]

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Books for Kids to Understand the Fight for Racial Equality

The beautiful thing about America is that the country as a whole is one giant melting pot. There are so many different races and ethnicities represented throughout the 50 states. We at Traveling Stories see roughly 15 different ethnic cultures present at our StoryTent programs! What is truly amazing [...]

Books for Kids to Understand the Fight for Racial Equality2019-02-05T17:24:51-07:00
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