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Marie is the Director of Operations & Marketing at Traveling Stories. Her favorite book is "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close".

Charities for Kids in San Diego


MAKING A SELECTION Choosing which kids' charity to donate your time and money: what a conundrum. We often wonder what makes people choose one children's charity over another. Is it the mission, the people behind the organization, their financial status, or their actions and programs? We'll be looking into [...]

Charities for Kids in San Diego2019-01-10T16:48:53-07:00

1st Annual Fill-A-Brunch-Bus Holiday Toy Drive


Brunch Bus SD and Diego Party Bus to organize a toy drive benefiting Traveling Stories (SAN DIEGO, CALIF. -  December 6, 2018) — Traveling Stories has been chosen as the charity for the the inaugural Fill-A-Brunch-Bus Holiday Toy Drive. The event will take place on December 15 from 11am [...]

1st Annual Fill-A-Brunch-Bus Holiday Toy Drive2018-12-11T15:44:14-07:00

Asking for Money


Embracing A Mission When you work for a nonprofit, it’s essential to embrace its mission. When I was hired to work at Traveling Stories, I fell head over heels in love with its mission to empower kids to outsmart poverty. This is a bold and powerful statement because of [...]

Asking for Money2018-12-10T10:17:42-07:00

The Economics of Reading


#GivingTuesday kicks off Traveling Stories' 2018 Year-End Literacy Fundraising Campaign. Why is this important and why does it matter? According to the NAEP, 82% of low-income kids cannot read at grade level by the time they reach 4th grade. Reading is crucial at this point as from the 4th grade [...]

The Economics of Reading2018-10-27T00:25:07-07:00

My Readers In the Heights Experience by Hezhi Naseem


Summer reading takes a huge drop with children, this is especially true of children from low-income households. To fight this, the United Way created the Readers in the Heights program. Franklin Elementary School This was our first time partnering with United Way and their Readers In the Heights [...]

My Readers In the Heights Experience by Hezhi Naseem2018-08-24T16:30:27-07:00

Emily Moberly Nominated for San Diego Magazine’s 2018 Nonprofit Visionary Award


Emily Moberly, Founder and CEO of Traveling Stories, has been nominated for San Diego Magazine’s Nonprofit Visionary Award. Every year San Diego Magazine celebrates the city’s most inspiring female leaders and entrepreneurs. Awards are given to women for the following categories: Woman of the Year Industry Leader Nonprofit Visionary [...]

Emily Moberly Nominated for San Diego Magazine’s 2018 Nonprofit Visionary Award2018-07-18T20:46:30-07:00



TRAVELING STORIES RECEIVES $25,000 GRANT FROM SAN DIEGO SOCIAL VENTURE PARTNERS Traveling Stories, a leading organization in the field of childhood literacy, was awarded a $25,000 grant on June 29, 2018. The grant was made by San Diego Social Venture Partners (SDSVP) and can be used in many ways, including capacity [...]

TRAVELING STORIES RECEIVES $25,000 GRANT2018-07-11T17:51:35-07:00

5 Ways to Fundraise Through Reading


Did you know that more than six million children in the United States will experience negative academic, personal, and social outcomes every year because of poor reading skills? At Traveling Stories, we believe that investing in children’s reading skills will have more impact on their future achievements in these [...]

5 Ways to Fundraise Through Reading2018-06-29T17:55:24-07:00

2018 Ultimate Comic-Con® Experience: Sweeps Winner


And The 2018 Comic-Con® Winner Is... Veronica Nunez! We interviewed this year's Comic-Con sweepstakes winner so we could get a glimpse into who has won this much coveted prize. The cool part? Her life mission is tied to ours (in a way): getting people to fall in love with [...]

2018 Ultimate Comic-Con® Experience: Sweeps Winner2018-06-26T17:58:22-07:00

A Poem: By Deb Nordlie


Strangers and Books—Help and Friends Just today I had the occasion to read a storybook to a stranger named Quyaan. She hesitated sitting down next to me, but her dad was close by and Dora the Explorer was in my hands. Ladylike, she pouffed up her yellow tulle [...]

A Poem: By Deb Nordlie2018-05-15T21:27:27-07:00
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