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A StoryTent Moment | El Cajon, Calif.

By Jade Guthrie Every year in San Diego, we welcome thousands of refugees – these are families fleeing war, conflict, and persecution. These are families who seek freedom and safety and travel across oceans to rebuild, recreate, and rejuvenate their lives. Here at Traveling Stories, [...]

What Books Make You Up?

Every book lover knows the feeling – a part of our heart is stitched together with a string of books. The first book we fell in love with, the one that makes us cry every time we ready it, the book that we could recite backwards and forwards in [...]

Celebrity Book Clubs

We love hearing about celebrities that not only love to read, but share their love for reading with others. Society as a whole is greatly influenced by celebrities and their likes/dislikes. Its amazing for the youth of the world to see that people like movie stars love to read [...]

Reading is my Super Power

Inspired by our partnership with IDW Publishing, one of the nation’s largest comic book publishers, we challenge kids to look at reading as a superpower.  Every child received a “reading is my superpower” bracelet to remind them daily of the power of the page! Photographer Andrew Flores sponsored a professional [...]

Scripps National Spelling Bee

This coming Thursday, Traveling Stories will be hosting our annual Spellapalooza event in celebration of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. In California you can join the fun in San Diego and San Francisco. Nashua, New Hampshire and Memphis, Tennessee will be back again this year as well. The newest [...]

How you can help support Traveling Stories this month

Do you find yourself wondering what you can do this month to help make a difference in the world? Did you know that you can get something back in return for your generosity (besides feeling awesome)? This month there are two amazing ways you can help support Traveling Stories and [...]

You Can Be An Author (or whatever you wish) At Any Age!

Books open doors for so many people, and encourage young minds that they can be whatever they want, no matter what age they are. Just yesterday, it was announced that a story written by Queen Victoria when she was only 10 years old is going to be published for the [...]

Summer Reading Time is Here!

One of the most exciting things about summer, at least in our opinion, is all of the summer reading programs that pop up! It is so exciting to see schools, libraries, organizations like us, as well as major corporations, all encouraging young minds to spend their summer reading! Scholastic, a [...]

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