Traveling Stories will host its inaugural Red Balloon Awards dinner and gala event in conjunction with National Literacy Month on Saturday, September 17, 2016 from 6 to 9:30 pm at the San Diego Woman’s Club, 2557 Third Ave., San Diego, CA 92130. The event will honor five literacy heroes and [...]

Star Trek Day at the StoryTent / Time is running out!

Traveling Stories would like to thank everyone that came to and participated at our Star Trek Day themed StoryTents this past week! We had such a great time! It was so much fun seeing everyone that dressed up to join us at our space decorated tents. Even if you were [...]

Taking our StoryTent out of this world!

To help celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek AND our current promotion with Humble Bundle and IDW Publishing, Traveling Stories is hosting “Star Trek Day” at all 3 of our weekly StoryTents!! We kicked off the event just this past Saturday at the City Heights StoryTent, and [...]

Beam Us Up Scotty! (To a Place with a Ton of Books!)

Those wonderful people at Humble Bundle are at it again! Launching today is an amazing Star Trek Bundle! That’s right, we said it! STAR TREK! So head on over to the Humble Bundle page at warp speed to take advantage of this incredible offer before its gone. We have [...]

Traveling Stories To Open First StoryTent in Canada

Jade Guthrie, Founder of the Toronto StoryTent Sign up to Volunteer here! June 28, 2016 -- Traveling Stories is excited to announce a new StoryTent, located in Toronto, Canada. This is the first StoryTent held outside of the United States. Run by Jade Guthrie, a long-time volunteer [...]

How to Kick Summer Slide’s Butt

Summer slide has met its match! Traveling Stories, will launch a Summer Reading Challenge on July 1st that invites kids to beat “Slideon” the evil summer slide villain who thrives when kids fall behind. Traveling Stories received support for the Reading Challenge from the San Diego Boys and Girls [...]

Meet Hezhi

Hezhi Naseem, Field Director Contact: hezhi@travelingstories.org Hezhi Naseem joined the Traveling Stories team on May 31, 2016 as our first ever Field Director. She is responsible for running the weekly StoryTent programs in El Cajon, Imperial Beach and City Heights. Hezhi has a degree in criminal [...]

Keep this item close the next time you read…

By Sabrina Wagner Last week we talked about our battle against the dreaded “summer slide!"  The truth is though, the evil villain Slideon (Traveling Stories’ summer slide monster) is always lurking near by. Mental slide is a serious thing. According to McGraw-Hill, in 1950 the average 14 year-old had a vocabulary of [...]

From Iraq to the StoryTent: Abdullah & Abdulrahma Aleze

Mrs. Aleze and her sons Abdullah and Abdulrahma were among the thousands of refugees who fled Iraq in September 2015 to find peace and opportunity in America. When they arrived they spoke no English and had to find a place to live and schools for the boys [...]

Malika – A StoryTent Veteran

Born in Pakistan, Malika Shaw moved to America when she was just a few years old. She spoke Arabic and Urdu in the home, but soon began learning English at school. Malika is the youngest and the only daughter in the family. Her father sells [...]

A StoryTent Moment | El Cajon, Calif.

By Jade Guthrie Every year in San Diego, we welcome thousands of refugees – these are families fleeing war, conflict, and persecution. These are families who seek freedom and safety and travel across oceans to rebuild, recreate, and rejuvenate their lives. Here at Traveling Stories, [...]

What Books Make You Up?

Every book lover knows the feeling – a part of our heart is stitched together with a string of books. The first book we fell in love with, the one that makes us cry every time we ready it, the book that we could recite backwards and forwards in [...]

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