An Ode to Volunteers

Traveling Stories is fortunate enough to have many wonderful volunteers that choose to give their time to the young readers at our StoryTent programs. One such volunteer, Deb Nordlie - a retired English teacher of over 40 years, recently wrote a beautiful piece about her StoryTent experience, and we absolutely had [...]

Have a reluctant reader? Try a book tasting!

A large part in turning reluctant readers into star readers is finding what type of books interest them most. There are so many creative and innovative methods out there to help young minds find what genre of books speak to them! One such method that we have come across is [...]

Happy National Read a Book Day!

Today is National Read a Book Day! Such a day provides the perfect excuse for every book lover to toss their worries aside and get lost in a great book! Although it is not exactly clear when National Read a Book Day originated, we can completely understand why it is [...]

Back to School – Don’t Forget the StoryTent

Back to school time is here! Hopefully your young ones kept on reading throughout the summer months and did not let the dreaded summer slide get in their way of the new academic year! Even though school is back in session, we at Traveling Stories will still be around to [...]

Books, Now Helping Your Children Fall Asleep Faster!

Great news for parents! There is apparently a book out there that will not only allow you to have a great bedtime story with your children, but also help you put them to sleep faster! Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin, a psychologist and life coach, developed two children's books that are strategically [...]

We’ll Give You a Few Reasons Why You Will Not Want to Miss the Red Balloon Awards…

The Red Balloon Awards are almost here! A night to bring recognition to the literacy heroes among us and raise funds for Traveling Stories’ reading programs for children, the event promises to be a wonderful time! There will be food, drinks and a vast number of incredible prizes up for [...]

The Power of Books

Traveling Stories will be hosting the second annual Red Balloon Awards coming up on August 12th. A number of today's literacy heroes will be celebrated at the event while we raise funds for Traveling Stories reading programs. Although we are honoring a number of local literacy heroes [...]

Traveling Stories Updates & Events

Hello all, in case you missed it, Traveling Stories announced the finalist for the Red Balloon Awards just the other day! Congratulation to Ted Adams, Valerie Hardie, Prince Daniels Jr., Isabel Tuitau, and Matt de la Pena for being named the 2017 finalist! We cannot wait to [...]

Introducing the 2017 Red Balloon Awards Nominees!

The Red Ballon Awards are fast approaching! With the event just over a month away, Traveling Stories wanted to share a little bit about each of the Literacy Hero Award nominees... Beth Kirkpatrick, Librarian & Founding Member of Reading Matters!   “Beth Kirkpatrick put life into every [...]

The BookBench Project

Next week in Manchester, England the Read Manchester BookBench trail will be going live for city goers to explore throughout the summer. This trail will display a total of 58 book-shaped benches that have been designed by local children and community groups who share a love for reading! The very [...]

Bring on the Summer (Reading)!

Summer is officially here! One of the major downfalls to summer is the dreaded summer-slide! You remember summer-slide, that horrible thing where students mentally shut off for a few months and forget everything they learned the previous school year. Well, to help fight the evil summer-slide monster Slideon, we thought [...]

Highlights from the Why Reading Matters Conference

As promised, we are bringing you all the exciting highlights from Traveling Stories founder Emily’s recent trip to the Why Reading Matters conference! Held by the National Book Foundation, whose mission is to celebrate the best of American literature, to expand its audience, and to enhance the cultural value of [...]

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